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Pediatric Dental Center Orthodontic Services


The Pediatric Dental Center offers all types of orthodontics for every age.  In fact, our doctors provide an orthodontic evaluation free of charge each time your child comes in for a new patient exam or a regular 6 month checkup. 

Dr. Gonzalez is most proud of the advances made by him and others in the field of early treatment orthodontics and early arch development.  He is a senior instructor for the American Orthodontics Society and is a Diplomat of the Academy of Diplomats, the highest level of achievement.  He has treated thousands of patients in our community.  You see these smiles every day.

Early Arch Development

Often the dentist can detect developing orthodontics problems even before the permanent teeth erupt.  For example, baby teeth with little or no spacing between them usually indicates that the permanent teeth will be crowded.  In the past, orthodontic treatment was postponed until all the permanent teeth were in, about age 11 or 12.  This is still a good choice for many children with mild orthodontic problems, because it gives a well-corrected result with a single phase of treatment which lasts 18 to 24 months. 

We now believe that the more severe crowding problems should be treated earlier.  We use a form of therapy for the more severe crowding problems called Early Arch Development.  I believe it is advisable to begin treatment early because we cna get a significant improvement in the straightness of these children's teeth and help their self-image during the elementary school years. 

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